Specification Of mechanism Of Fan Rewinding Dyes:-

Company Wise Fan Stator Inside Outside
Orient 1 4
Usha, Hyderabad , Delhi, Culcutta 2 5
Crompton 3 6

Ceiling Fan For Stator Winding:-

Machine Size 24"L x 13"W x 42" H Stator Length 90-190 M.M.
Motor Power Supply Supply 1/8 H.P., 1 Ph. 230 V. 50Hz, A.C. Amp. 0.5 Stator OM. X Thickness Stator OM. X Thickness 170 x 8-45 mm.
Winding Speed 1400-2800 R.P.M. Wire S.W.G. 27.38 S.W.G.

Armeture for Winding :-

Armeture Shaft Length 250 m.m. Armature Length 20-70 –m.m.
Armature O.D. 60 m.m. Wire S.W.G 27-38- S.W.G.


Auto Stop Fan Winding, Armature Winding and Table fan Field coil Winding, Motor Coil Winding Machines, Special Drill, Grinder, Marble Cutter Armature Winding Machine, Transformer Winding, Chock Winding Machine and Hot Stacking, Connection Spot Welding and Balancing Machine are available, And available for Customer's Requirements for more Capacity.

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